Ramada Plaza Chao Fah

Chaofah West Road, Phuket

Ramada Chao Fah Phuket is a 7-story high hotel building situated on the West Chaofah Road of Phuket’s city center. The Landscape designer works together with the architects from Arsom Silp Institute of the Art under the design concept that takes the inspiration from derived from local culture and traditions, particularly Phuket’s idiosyncratic vernacular architectural style known as ‘Paranakan’.  The concept is reflected in the work’s architectural compositions, from the hotel’s façade, functional spaces, interior decoration all to the way to the design of the interior and exterior landscape. It is translated and expressed in the forms of hardscape materials, motifs on materials’ surfaces as well as the softscape plant selection inspired by the floral patterns from Paranakan textiles and clothing. Everthing is realized to correspond with the exterior landscape, which ultimately results in the hotel’s distinctive characteristic.

Ground Floor Plan & Front Entrance

Looking in from the street, the hotel is surrounded with a luscious tree fence whose beautiful bright green bears a nice contrast with the white color of the building. At the hotel’s drop-off area stands a majestic sculpture in the shape of the phoenix bird, one of the Paranakan symbolic animals. The sculpture is complemented by a backdrop of trees meticulously chosen for the texture and size of the leaves that complement the presence of the architecture. From the tourist drop-off, a walkway designed to cut pass a small garden leads visitors into the building. The landscape around the building contributes a great deal to the lusciousness of the entire surrounding environment. Looking through the perforated wall at the Reception & Paranakan Court, one can see the green wall and green space around the hotel’s building that render the wonderful ambience with the varying light and shadow filtered through the foliage. The trees are positioned to help minimize the reflected sunlight from the building’s white walls during the day. The landscape at the ground floor is moderate in size but is designed to include a number of seats and be embraced by the delightful presence of trees with a slope added to the program to enable wheelchair access.

Roof Top Level

Another highlight of the landscape of the project is situated on the 7ht floor. At the very early stage of the design development process, the landscape architect and the design team of Arsom Silp worked together to determine the location of the pool in order for the area to have the best access to the 180-degree view of the city and mountain range. The common area on the 7thfloor consists of the outdoor lounge seating which is connected to the interior lounge bar. The 5 x 18 meter-pool includes additional facilities of a pool deck, a shallow area for young kids, and the outdoor shower. The varying levels of the functional spaces of the common area are linked together with a feature wall cladded with the beautiful natural stone with textural details that reminisce the pattern of inlaid pearl decoration commonly found in traditional Paranakan furniture. The feature wall leads up to the upper pool deck, which is linked to the rooftop bar and the gym’s entry, as well as the outdoor shower. Designed to serve as a recreational area with functional spaces equipped with facilities such as outdoor furniture and lighting, the pool welcomes guests to spend time relaxing throughout the day and all the way to the evening. The landscape architecture sees a wonderful mixture of perennial and floral plants as well as crawlers and groundcovers. Curated with a reference to the pattern of Paranakan textiles, the landscape is comprised of a variety of plants chosen, not only for their physical features that can provide beautifully shaded areas and green scape, but also for the long-term maintenance convenience and resilience to the heat and sunlight, as well as the strong wind and heavy rain during the long monsoon season.

Project Information

Architect :
Arsomsilp Community and Environmental Architect Co.,Ltd.

Interior :
Workspace Architecture Studio Co.,Ltd.

Landscape Architect :
Miss Sumanee Ampansap / Mr.Yongyuth Thumchoochaowarat

Site Construction Manager:
Plan Sala Co.,Ltd.

Main Contractor :
Kayun Kran Kiet Co.,Ltd.

Softscape Contractor :
The Plant Kingdom Co.,Ltd.

Lighting Design & Supplier :
Lightup Co.,Ltd.

Artist & Sculptor:
James Sculpture Co.,Ltd.

Photographer : 
Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace

Mr.Soopakorn Srisakul


  • 2019


  • Chao Fah West Road,
  • Phuket, Thailand