K.Lady Residence’s Rooftop Garden

Samutprakarn Province, Thailand

This 3.00 x 17.50 m. Rooftop area atop the 4 storey residence in a suburb in Thailand’s Samutprakarn province was once used as a place where air compressors and ventilation ducts of M&E hood are installed. The landscape architect’s assigned task is to refurbish the rooftop space into a lounging and multifunctional area. The placement of the existing system works, which is considered one of the site’s limitations, becomes what the landscape architect uses to define the functional space’s rectangular layout, resting along the narrow side of the building.

The design readjusts the rooftop space by elevating the wooden deck to be above the ground, clearly determining the functional spaces and making the main area higher with the use of steel floor structure fully clad with engineered wood. The drainage system is provided to help drain water while a small pavilion is designed to shield users from the sun and rain. The lounging area houses a number of outdoor furniture for family members to sit, relax and spend their time together or on their own. Planters are placed between the gaps between the air compressor units, arranged to cover the fixed system works while still allowing the air compressors to function properly. Small trees are planted to keep the space nicely shaded and make the rooftop an ideal rooftop deck for family members to laze around or enjoy activities together such as planting edible gardens or hosting small parties amid the green surroundings.

A space between the planters is designed into a bench with hidden compartments where the gardening tools are kept. The plants growing in the garden consist of the owners’ favorite flowers, shrubs with small leaves as Panama rose, Chinese rose ,  Oleander and Gardenia cape jasmine, etc  with an additional space where Herbs such as Holy basil and Sweet basil are grown.


  • Khun Lady Didyasirin Tavetikul

Landscape Architect

  • Kaizentopia

Hardscape Contractor

  • Firstkas C.B.M Co.,Ltd.

Softscape Contractor

  • R.O.G. Greenspace and Service


  • Mi Metipat Prommomate


  • Samutprakarn Province


  • 2021