Baan A+T, Bangkok

Wattana District, Bangkok

A+T House is a one-story house of a couple who want to start their family. The 350 square meter plot of land located in the suburb of Bangkok. The client required a tranquility living space as their hide away from the bustling daily routine. The architect intended to create the horizontal interaction within the space by fully occupy the land plot with programs and landscape. The layout is designed as a C-shape with a main court in the middle that allow every function of the house to feel the connection to the nature. 

The entrance of the arrival area opens a center courtyard with a mature tree  “Ironwood Tree” in the middle. The landscape designed by creating a mound to raise the height of the garden so that it can be clearly seen from every corner of the house.  

Also dividing the gravel walkway around the courtyard for maintenance and also hides the drainage system underneath to support water from the roof

The combination between some genuine materials including wood, stone, and steel become part of architectural elements such as screen, roof eaves or a water rain curtain from the roof gutter which all of them were designed to respond the tropical context of Thailand. Moreover, an appropriate amount of natural light is intentionally conduct to the interior space through openings and terraces around the building to illuminate the space throughout day. The scattering of landscape around the house established some pocket gardens especially the rear one which later become the main relaxation area for the family members in the evening. 

Architect :

  • Junsekino Architect and Design


  • Junsekino Interior Design


  • Kaizentopia

Main Contractor:

  • G.A.House

ID Contractor:

  • a2j Design

Softscape Contractor:

  • R.O.G Greenspace and Service


  • Spaceshift Studio


  • Bangkok


  • 2021