White House33

KrungthepKreetha33, Bangkok

The one-story white home situated in Soi Krung Thep Kree Tha 33 of Bangkok’s Wattana district reveals itself as an L-shaped building with a total functional space of 655 square meters. Meanwhile, divided into four zones, the landscape architecture takes over the approximate 550-square meter empty space around the house. 

Green Corridor

By designing a strip of land where trees are grown alongside the outdoor walkway, the green corridor helps shield the living space and provides greater privacy for the bedrooms, separating the living and sleeping quarters with the luscious presence of nature. With the bedrooms facing the western direction, causing them to be exposed to the afternoon sun on a daily basis, the green corridor does not only provide the needed privacy with its growing row of hedges, but the taller trees help block the sun coming in from a higher level, consequently keeping the walkway shaded throughout the day. 

Edible Garden Zone

With the family members’ love for home-grown vegetables, an edible garden becomes a mandatory part of the landscape architecture. A portion for the garden is prepared for the family members to grow their own vegetables with 12 garden beds placed in the positions that have an all-day access to sunlight. The family members are able to grow different types of vegetables in the provided garden beds and categorize them according to the amount of water each plant needs. The plants in the edible garden include Papaya trees, Tomatoes, Holy basils, Spring onions, Chilli, etc. as well as lime and Kaffir lime trees grown around the dible garden zone. 

Open Lawn

The large lawn is one of the common spaces where the family members relax and gather in the evening. A wooden patio is designed to connect the lawn with the fitness room. 

Stone Garden

The point where the garden connects to the living space and lounging area, which are located at the innermost part of the house, embraces simplicity with its painting-like compositions. The dwellers are able to see the Sculpture tree and feature stones placed in a calculated arrangement. The use of hedges as the fence blocks the view of the neighboring buildings. The green fence rests in a long row and links with another section of the garden, which flows in and becomes part of the dressing room. The use of potted plants is incorporated to complete the overall aesthetics of the landscape architecture.


  • Khun Somjaree Kulkirativanich

Landscape Architect

  • Kaizentopia

Main Contractor

  • V&E Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Softscape Contractor

  • R.O.G Greenspace anf Service

Sprinkle Contractor

  • Saynam Garden&Sprinkler


  • Bangkrapi, Bangkok


  • 2021