Rama VII Museum (Main Plaza Renovation)

Lan Luang Road, Bangkok

Located in the city centre, The emphasis of the renovation is directed at the main entry, Conservation of RamaVII museum building, Activity plaza and coffee shop.

The contemporary design aesthetic encourages greenery, simplicity and rejuvenation. Additionally, in order to provide the green vertical, a diverse mix of newly renovated the hardscape & softscape will be constructed within existing entry

Exhibition & Interior Designer

  • TMH Joint Venture Co.,Ltd.


  • Miss Sumanee Ampansap
  • Mr. Jitti Jatupornpirom

Landscape Architect

  • Kaizentopia Co.,Ltd

Main Contractor

  • TMH Joint Venture Co.,Ltd


  • Mr.Soopakorn Srisakul


  • Lan Luang Road, Bangkok, Thailand


  • 2019