House of Fritz Hansen Bangkok

Ploenchit, Bangkok

Concept Design

Situated inside Soi Somkid alley in Pleonchit neighborhood of Bangkok, House of Fritz Hansen Bangkok, is a wooden/concrete residence built around 1950s that now functions as a showroom selling eclectic collections of timeless, beautifully crafted Nordick-style furniture imported from Denmark. The brief was to refurbish the 120-square meter area at the front of the house, which was originally blocked by short walls and a parking space. The design was expected to bring additional green spaces while keeping the existing Yellow flame tree as a part of the new landscape.

Inspired by the forms of the brand’s classic pieces such as Egg Chair, Swan Chair and the iconic Series 7 chair designed by Arne Jacobsen that happens to be one of the showroom’s most popular items, the design incorporates the curved forms of the chairs, translating them into the concept for the new landscape. Lines and curves are introduced to the design of the layout, circulation and functional spaces. The area at the front of the house where the garden is located is opened up to welcome visitors with the luscious green of the plants. More distance is created between the building and the traffic way, rendering a nature-filled transitioning space as visitors walk through the garden and into the showroom.

The types of plants found in the landscape are selected for their correlations of textures, round forms and shapes that can be groomed into the intended curved lines. The plants are arranged into a collectively dimensional and dynamic presence, leading visitors’ perspective towards the building. The ground cover plants make their unanimous presence with the walkways, seamlessly merging their existence with the large trees while continuing to grow under the shades the timbers provide.

Different elements of the landscape such as the water feature, walkways including the highlight, the sculpture by world-renowned Spanish artist and designer, Jaime Hayon, are thoughtfully curated, and together they embellish the front garden to look even more appealing and welcoming to the visiting customers.


  • Norse Republics Company

Interior Design & Sculpture

  • Mr.Jaime Hayon

Landscape Architect

  • Kaizentopia Co.,Ltd.

Softscape Contractor

  • Mr.Phairojh Chuklay


  • Mi Metipat Prommomate


  • Ploenchit, Bangkok


  • 2020