Akasha Wellness Bangkok

Charoennakorn, Bangkok

The landscape architecture accounts for 295 Sq.m. of the total 607-Square-meter functional space of the one-story building situated on Charoennakorn18 Road that is home to Akasha Wellness. The main functional program comprises the Reception area, Yoga and Pilates studios, a meditation room, a sauna, outdoor space for yoga in the garden classes, and a bakery/Café. The design follows the owner’s wish for all rooms and areas to have access to the project’s green space, which is inspired by gardens in rural European villages. The landscape architecture is made up of a variety of trees and plants, with curved lines outlining varying sections of green spaces. The layout is designed to correspond with circulation and user activities while connecting all of the rooms and spaces. The design also intends to minimize the scale of the hardscape while creating a lush green area that is visible from all rooms.

Since the location is near a public roadway, the water feature is incorporated to drown out noises from the street caused by cars passing by the project’s front while also making the garden’s overall environment more pleasant. The three courtyards in the garden follow the building’s orientation and placement of functional spaces. After passing through the main entrance, visitors are greeted by a lotus pond and waterfall in the center garden. The fountain is surrounded by a beautiful softscape, with seating areas and rooms hidden among the trees. When guests enter the project’s premises, the soothing sound of rushing water helps them decompress from the hustle and bustle of the outside environment and traffic.

The expansive travertine stone floor of the second garden, located next to the yoga studio, is designed to accommodate outdoor yoga classes and sound healing sessions. The outdoor activity area is surrounded by towering trees and climbing plants. The third garden is near the entrance of the bakery, Safran Café, whose front door is adorned with beautiful, lush climbing plants. The café is designed to have numerous Instagram-worthy spots, particularly the garden with outdoor seating areas that welcome patrons to enjoy a cup of coffee outside. Flowering plants, terracotta pots, and garden sculpture decorate the front of the shop, providing an overall mood that blends in nicely with the building’s design and aesthetics.


  • Orchid Wellness Co.,Ltd.


  • Idealist Co.,Ltd.

Landscape Architect

  • Kaizentopia Co.,Ltd.

Main Contractor

  • Mr.Chill

Softscape Contractor

  • R.O.G. Greenspace and service


  • Mi Metipat Prommoate


  • 2021-2022


  • Bangkok